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Business Driven Services

Tech9 Solutions, LLC provides a broad range of professional IT services to small, medium and large organizations within private and public sectors.

At Tech9 Solutions, we believe in order to provide an excellent service to customers, it is extremely important to under customer’s needs. Once an understanding is established, we will work with customer’s resources to achieve common goal. This approach has led us to successful implementations of projects such as:

  • Business and IT Operational Support of Global Content Management System
  • Identification and implementation of solution with application performance for Global Content Management System
  • Implementation, Maintenance and Support of Content Management solution within a federal agency project.
  • Manage and Support large-scale enterprise-level application support across multiple data centers within a federal agency
  • Development of Facebook Application to capture user posts, profile and questionnaire response
  • Migration of small accounting office from one physical location to a new location
  • Implementation of backup, anti-virus and anti-malware solution


Observability with Site Reliablity Engineering

For over 10 years, Tech9 Solutions has been delivering performance and analytics support to large enterprise-level applications. Our methods facilitate the transition from traditional monitoring to embracing observability in the enterprise, all while implementing Site Reliability Engineering principles. This approach encompasses not only technological engineering but also addresses business processes, while establishing a standardized organizational framework.


Tech9 Solutions has been providing Operations & Maintenance support for large enterprise-level applications for over 10 years. Our methods bridge the gap between IT and business, ensuring that most operational questions and issues are addressed through the change management process. By utilizing an industry-standard maintenance schedule and automated patch deployments, Tech9 Solutions keeps clients’ systems safe and secure with minimal impact on business operations.


Tech9 Solutions has been actively supporting various security applications and tools for a federal agency on an ongoing basis. We collaborate with clients to develop risk tolerance requirements. By establishing these requirements, we can identify the most appropriate tools that provide the best value in addressing the organization’s security needs.

Process Driven Automation

Process-Driven Automation has enabled Tech9 Solutions to create and implement solutions that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing workflows. This approach not only evaluates current processes but also enhances and complements them when necessary. It offers flexibility and delivers value-driven technical solutions.

Other Services We Offer

Enterprise Application Deployment & Configuration

Content & Records Management Solution Delivery

Custom Application Development

Operations & Maintenance Support for Middle Tier, ESB & Cyber Security Products

Web & Mobile Application Development

Technical Architecture Design Review & Advisory

Business Process Analysis & Recommendation

Software & Hardware Identification & Procurement